Bloom Channel

  • Jiangchun Yu: The seeds of the bloom are blowing in the wind and will finally fall on the ground to strike roots and blooms. I wish the children's life is like the bloom, which is strong, free, and full of hope.
  • Jiong Ge: The Bloom Education Fund is a big family full of love and warmth.
  • Chunyi Liu: The children are happy, free, and independent here.
  • Yi Wang: I appreciate the Bloom Education Fund for its great support to UWC over the years. I'm very happy to be able to contribute to the course of education with everyone. Thanks again!
  • Xiaoqin Jiang: May the love of the Bloom Education Fund strike roots and blooms around the world.

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Major Program

  • 远程支教


  • 蒲公英教室


  • 多元文化夏令营


  • 助贫/助梦想启程


  • Theme Activities

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